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About The Laboratory for Lymphocyte Biology

The Laboratory for Lymphocyte Biology focuses on the role of B and T lymphocytes in health and disease, with a particular emphasis on tolerance and autoimmunity. B and T lymphocytes are the main constituents of the adaptive immune system, a branch of the immune system with the remarkable abilities of ‘learning’ and ‘memory’. We investigate these phenomena with a combination of molecular techniques, mouse models, flow and imaging cytometry, cell sorting, and advanced imaging techniques, including confocal and two-photon microscopy. Our work has implications for the development of treatments for autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases, as well as vaccine design.


January 2021 - Congrats to Annika, Ella, Emma, Lea, Sonja and Lasse on completing their projects, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

August 2020 - Happy to welcome Annika, Ella, Emma, Lea, Sonja and Lasse to the lab! Also happy to have Kenneth and Sofie back for continuing projects

June 2020 - Congrats to Laura who has defended her Master's thesis and Amanda, Camilla, Mathias and Kenneth who completed their bachelor's projects, despite the challenges associated with the COVID-19 mandated lockdown in the spring

January 2020 - Degnlab welcomes new bachelor students Amanda, Mathias and Kenneth

December, 2019 - Søren E. Degn is awarded a research grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

November 2019 - Søren E. Degn is awarded a Sapere Aude Research Leader grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

October 2019 - Degnlab Yearly Retreat held at Sandbjerg Estate

September 2019 - New Master's student, Laura, joins the group

August 2019 - The new Department Website has launched and it has a feature article about our work!

July 2019 - New postdoc, Gudrun, joins the group

July 2019 - Congratulations Sofie on completing the bachelor! You will be missed in the group, but we wish you all the best for your Master's programme at the Sino-Danish Center in Beijing!

March 2019 - Congratulations to Cecilia on being awarded a Lundbeckfonden Postdoctoral Fellowship!

March 2019 - We have now moved into the Skou Biomedical Building!

January 2019 - Sofie, bachelor student, joins the lab

November 2018 - Søren E. Degn is supported by the ERC Support Programme of the Independent Research Fund Denmark 

November 2018 - Søren E. Degn is awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Investigator Fellowship

September 2018 - Degnlab welcomes Ewa, new postdoc

March 2018 - Cecilia, new postdoc, joins the group

December, 2017 - Søren E. Degn is awarded a research grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

November, 2017 - Søren E. Degn is awarded a Lundbeckfonden Fellowship

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“DEGN LAB” photoactivated inside the white pulp of the spleen. The marginal zone is delineated by in vivo labeling for CD169 (two-photon micrograph).
Cross-sectional confocal micrograph of a follicle in the popliteal lymph node. B cells in green, follicular dendritic cells (FDCs) in red, nuclei in blue.
Conduits of a murine lymph node visualized by FITC painting. Two-photon micrograph.
Follicular dendritic cell network. FDCs in red, macrophages and DCs in green.
Cross-sectional confocal micrograph of follicles in the popliteal lymph node. Macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs) in green, FDCs in red, B cells in blue.
Two-photon micrograph of a Peyer’s patch from an Aicda-Confetti reporter mouse, showing clusters of XFP-labeled B cells (‘Brainbow’ colors). Structural elements containing collagen are visible in blue (second harmonics).